see the forest

On my daily walks through my local forested fitness trail, there are several places where there is a tree in the middle of the pathway.  That’s where the path splits and goes around the tree. It makes perfect sense.  And yet in life, I sometimes get caught up by the “tree” in the middle of the path and end up stuck.
About how to get to the place where I want to end up.
The truth is I may never end up where I want to end up.
The truth is when I remember to appreciate where I am in the moment, life is better.
That’s when and why I Choose Gratefulness.
Today I am grateful for…
Without the dark of night, I would not see the moon and stars nor would I see the sunrise, brilliant with color.
Without winter, I wouldn’t notice the signs of new life popping up everywhere.
Without rain, the brilliant green mosses, deep green trees and lush plant life would not be sustainable. Without rain, the rushing rivers and waterfalls would be dry rock beds.
Without confusion, I would not know the joy of working through the struggle and finally coming to understand.
Without failure, I wouldn’t learn how not to do things.
Without sadness I would not be able to fully experience joy.

Without conflict how would I experience the beauty of reconciliation?
Without fear I would not know the feeling of being alive with courage.

Choosing to be grateful helps to see the forest.

In what ways do you choose gratefulness?
Tell me in the comments below

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