new tools

No one ever wanted to peel potatoes at my house.  For years there were two potato peelers in the mess that is my utensil drawer, one of them old and a bit rusty the other relatively new. Neither worked great but I held on to them because one had been my grandma’s and the other was just like it but newer. A few days before last Thanksgiving I finally splurged and spent ten bucks on a “fancy” peeler because I couldn’t bear the thought of having to peel that pile of soon to be mashed potatoes.
 Totally worth the ten bucks!
Now peeling is practically fun! At our family dinner night a couple weeks ago, I happily made apple crisp because I knew peeling would be a breeze.

Having a good tool made the job easier.  

In the process of becoming me, I was equipped with tools for living a better life. The old rusty, dull and broken tools that just weren’t working well were replaced with new, useful and helpful tools that actually make my life better. Things like boundaries and self-care along with  mindfulness and gratitude are just a few of the valuable tools I have implemented. They are really good tools – the kind that make life here on earth so much more enjoyable and that  will last a lifetime as long as they are used and properly maintained.      

The tools I had been using may have been what I learned from my upbringing, but they really weren’t working for me.  I’m truly grateful that I splurged and got some new tools for living life.   

Good tools make life better.

How is your life?
Do you sometimes dread the things you have to do?  
Is it time to splurge and take care of yourself for a change?  
Maybe it’s time to breathe deep, toss out the old rusty tools and develop some life-giving tools that will make things easier.
Go ahead and splurge! You’re worth it!


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