when your ducks don’t line up


The excuses have run out and I am finally taking action.

Back in December I started my official website, the one I had been wanting to create for way too long using my name as the URL and that would not have any advertising (unless I were to choose to advertise). I sought and received help with all the technical stuff that I still don’t understand. All of my posts were uploaded onto the new site and things were pretty much ready to roll… Except that somehow I thought all my ducks had to be in a row.

Why is it we humans like to get our ducks all in a row before we are able to do new and uncomfortable things?  I don’t know the answer except that maybe we think if everything is just right, our chances of success will be greater.

Six months later my ducks are still not lined up. The stars and planets haven’t come into alignment either.  In fact, this seems like a terrible time to say “SCREW IT” and just announce my new website.

Sometimes you have to just let your ducks be a mess and move forward without them.
They will eventually catch up.

Today I proudly announce my blog, i choose gratefulness at terriclement.com

I feel a little bit famous.
I feel a LOT scared.
My name is now attached to this crazy woman’s heart and thoughts written in blog posts.
And I am ready to take the comments, the compliments AND the criticism.
In fact, I welcome them.

Stop by and take a look around.  terriclement.com

I am truly grateful that you would take the time to read my words.


proceed with caution

There’s a golf course near where I live with a wonderful fitness trail around it. The grounds are so beautiful that if not for the occasional ping of a golf club sending that little white ball flying yards across the fairway and the cars speeding noisily by on the busy roads surrounding three sides of the course, I might forget that I’m not walking through the forest while touring the perimeter.

See the chipmunk??

As I was walking this trail today for the first time in over a month, I questioned myself. Why don’t I come here more often? Previous summers I would walk the trail three or four times a week but this summer has been different. It was HOT here in Portland. With over twenty-five days above 90 degrees, and many of the others in the high 80’s, I just couldn’t bring myself to brave the heat.

Being a naitive born, web-toed, third generation Oregonian, a  Pacific Northwest girl through and through, I LOVE the sunshine when it comes out, but I definitely prefer high temperatures around 80. A week of hot weather is fine but after that, I’m done and ready to move on to cooler days!

Enough with the excuses…

While walking this short trail today (a website tells me it’s two miles but I’m not convinced), a thought occurred to me. I wonder what would happen if I did this every single day. Several things came to mind. A few pounds might mysteriously disappear from my body. My legs would tone up and become stronger. My heart would be healthier. My emotional state would be happier.
Then the negative, limiting beliefs started up. It was as if my mind saw a great big sign that said,

There are pitfalls to this crazy idea!

The list of negatives flowed freely and quickly as if desperately trying to save me from myself. What if I don’t have time? What if it’s hot? What if the air is filled with smoke from forest fires? What if it’s cold? What if it’s freezing? What if it’s raining? What if it’s windy or hailing, or snowing? What if there’s a criminal on the loose? What if the zombies are attacking? What if… What if… WHAT IF!!!

Stupid lizard brain!!! I don’t need your protection!

The truth is, I’m sick and tired of not doing things because I might be a little uncomfortable. The truth is, getting uncomfortable is a really great way to open up my world and to grow. The truth is, if I open up my world I might have a better idea about what to do with my life.

The truth is scary. Proceeding with caution is much, much easier. That’s why I have a little tattoo on my wrist reminding me.

fear not

I am grateful for the instinctual protection my reptilian brain gives.
I am grateful for the knowledge that I don’t always need to listen to those warnings.
I am grateful for the growth that takes place through frustrating times in my life.

I am grateful.