My gratitude list this morning turned into something that feels like hope.
I am compelled to share this hope with you.  

Today I am grateful for…
Self acceptance.
I am not perfect. I mess up. I fall short in many areas as I am striving to pursue dreams and goals, AND THAT’s OKAY! I don’t have to do everything perfectly! I am grateful that I allow myself the space to just be human!
I have learned to quickly identify the triggers that send me into moments of fear, doubt and self-hatred. I have learned to breathe. I have tools to battle the lies and let the negative pass without ruining my day. I don’t do it perfectly, but I have the tools and know how to apply them.
There are trusted mentors in my life who have wisdom and more life experience. I can trust them to be honest and to love me even on bad days when I am not all that lovable.
I consistently pursue ‘brave’ (doing the hard thing) which has spurred me into personal growth that I am so grateful to see in my life.
I slowed down in my life to almost nothing in order to purge all the crap that needed to go and slowly I have added life giving things back in… I volunteer doing the things that I love instead of out of guilt. I study/read the things that interest me instead of what I think I should. I go the places and do the things that I want to do rather than what I think will make someone else happy. I find BALANCE in ALL these things. I don’t “get my way” all the time but I have freedom and space to say no because I now know it is okay to actually live my own life. I am so grateful for that freedom.
I am able to enjoy the moment I am in and not be thinking about or worrying about the past or the future. I don’t do this perfectly but I am getting pretty good at it. It’s so much better living in the now.
I have been able to hold on to the belief that things will work out. At times that faith is as teeny tiny as a pinhole of light at the end of a deep dark tunnel, but it was there. I have had faith, EVEN WHEN it didn’t seem like I had faith. I am grateful to have borrowed hope from generous people surrounding me during the darkest moments.

Perhaps you need to borrow some hope today. That’s okay. Some days are just freaking difficult! My prayer is that you find encouragement and hope from my thoughts this morning.

I am grateful for the privilege of having you read my words.


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