you’ve got mail

She opened the email and read the five words that had a profound impact on her heart.
“I looked up the meaning…” Then three words more,  “…of your name.”
Her name?  The name that had been an embarrassment to her for so long?  The name that  seemed should belong to a boy? Everyone seemed to spell it that way.  With a ‘y.’ Plus, she didn’t have just one ‘r’ like the pretty Teri.

In the fifth grade, she tried her hand at dotting the ugly name with a heart.  Well… Mr. Gates took care of that. NO DOTTING i’s WITH HEARTS ALLOWED! So, she remained boring Terri with two r’s.
A boy name.

But the email… “The name Terri, is a feminine name,” it read.  The name meant something too. Even if her parents did not name her for anything special… Even if they couldn’t decide on a name and picked one out of the TV Guide, it still meant something.


Well. What. Ever.
What even IS a harvester?

The email continued. A BLESSING was spoken into her life. “I think of a harvester as someone who finishes all the hard work of others.  Someone else sowed, planted, watered, tended and waited.  Now you come along and do the hard work of not leaving them there.  You move them on to becoming something worthy and valuable.”

At the time these words seemed an impossibility, as if they were meant for someone else and her parents has picked, at random, the ABSOLUTE wrong name out of that weekly magazine. At the time, she did not believe the words.

Today… Today she can see how that blessing has actually become something real in her life.  It’s true, she does love to help people–women become more.  To realize their worth. To truly live life. To become themselves.

She is to be a harvester.  She is to pick the heads of grain off the stalk and help them see what they CAN do, rather than remain in the vast deserted field, rotting away, purposeless and alone.

She may not know exactly what to do but as she walks through this field of life, God continues to put stalks of grain before her.  She will choose to harvest rather than to trudge past these beautiful, lonely souls crying on the inside. She will be a friend who helps show the way.
SHE will pass on blessings.


Writers write, and lately some short (very short) stories have been taking form in my writing.  My friend says they fall into a genre called Flash Fiction. (Who knew I could write something that fits into a genre! So fancy!)
I am GRATEFUL to have the opportunity to share some of them with you.



2 thoughts on “you’ve got mail”

  1. I LOVE this! Beautifully written. And it is so true! I’m one of those women blessed by the Terri with two r’s. The harvester. I have felt encouraged, empowered, loved, and valued by your friendship and counsel. Thank you!


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