oh christmas tree, no christmas tree

We don’t have a Christmas tree this year. No, we haven’t banned Christmas due to too much commercialism or gotten fed up with all the hype over whether we should say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or nothing at all. And no, we haven’t changed our last name to Grinch. But, we don’t have a Christmas tree to hang our ornaments on this year.

It was actually a family decision.

After trying to get the lights working on our artificial tree and the stand got broken – possibly because someone (I have NO idea who) got irritated and THREW the tree back in the storage container after unsuccessfully trying to fix those lights, we had a family meeting.

It was decided that a tree was not necessary this year. It was decided that we could still enjoy our tradition of looking at each ornament and reliving the memories around those ornaments without hanging them on a tree.

Since one of my favorite things about the Christmas tree is the lights, I purchased two strands of colorful twinkle lights to string around the room along with the clear lights I already had. As it turned out, we now have the perfect place to display a few of our favorite ornaments!
As the boys hung their favorites, a familiar competition developed. Every year it’s a fight for the top of the tree. This year it was a race to the finish line.

 It’s clearly the year of Star Wars because Bob the Tomato was squashed by the Naboo Starfighter, who obviously has mad flyng skills.

Here’s Old Glory.

And WAZZU, or more specifically, Pullman Washington, you are forever in our hearts.

Frodo made the cut.

And the beloved Walmart special, Santa in his race car.

Finally, my all time favorite, an ornament Jeremy made with Mrs. Lisha and Mrs. Cheryl in Cubbies when he was just four years old.

It occurs to me that traditions are important. But it’s also important to be flexible. Sometimes, due to circumstances, traditions have to change a little bit. That doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy it.

It’s weird not having a Christmas tree this year. I actually miss it. But it’s also a Christmas we will never forget. We will always talk about that year we didn’t have a tree. It will be a cherished memory.

I am grateful.

Next post: “advent adventures”


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