try something new 

Did you ever have one of those days… Or weeks… Or months…

Yeah. I thought so.

For me, it has been that nagging false belief (yeah, you’ve heard it before… Sorry) that I am stupid. Soooo, since I want to practice what I preach, I journal.

Some days more than others. 

This morning I woke asking myself some questions and reminding myself of who I am because of my loving Creator.
AND I did something new.

You know, those beautiful drawings and verses so artfully lettered? My friend, Hilary, at Faceless Design is one of those artists that I tend to envy, believing I have absolutely zero ability to do anything like it. Today, rather than coveting someone else’s ability, I decided to believe in myself for a millisecond.

I love when I try something new and end up starting to believe in myself again.

This morning I decided to experiment with a lettering tutorial that I found online. Here’s the first thing I made:

Okay… So it’s a little awkward. Especially the silly arrow. But hey, it’s the first one. AT LEAST I TRIED!!! Then this:

And finally my mantra, straight from God’s Word:

Everyone has rough days… weeks… months… even years. The good news is, we have more control than we know.

Do something different. Be creative. Try a new thing! Allow yourself to fail miserably – you might even realize you’re better at it than you thought you would be.

What new things have you tried lately? I’d love to hear YOUR stories and even see pictures in the comments below.

I am grateful for you.



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