waking up grateful

In case you haven’t noticed, I am all about gratefulness. Honestly, it is sometimes the only thing that keeps me going and I am truly indebted to the friends who support me in this way of life by exchanging gratitude lists on a daily basis.

On the good days, one of the first things I do is wake up grateful by listing ten things and emailing the list to my supportive friends. Other days, I am reminded by an email from one of them to turn my heart toward the abundance in my life.

Here’s my list today:

-Twinkle lights and Christmas decorations going up today.

-Turkey soup and family tradition tree decorating plans on Sunday.

-Hope for the future.

-Blue skies.

-The warm sunny place in my living room this lazy Friday morning.

-Cold, refreshing tap water.

-Christmas music.

-The furnace that keeps the house warm and cozy.

-Encouragement from friends.

-Thanksgiving leftovers.

-Knowing that I am precious and valuable to God and what people think of me (or the lies I believe about myself) does not change His view of me.

The “season” of thanksgiving is wrapping up and the attitude of get-me-what-I-want, wrap it up and put it under the tree, is consuming many.

Why not try waking up grateful for the blessings that cannot be purchased or wrapped each day this month?

I would love to read your list in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “waking up grateful”

  1. This morning I am grateful for..
    Beautiful sunshine
    Big down comforters
    Turkey leftovers
    My daughters humor
    My little dog who wakes me up so he can cuddle
    For music that fills the house
    Hot chocolate
    Love and friendships
    Technology that allows me to have closer relationships with family long distance

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  2. Spending the day after Thanksgiving with my husband and in-laws.

    The fact that I love my in-laws and want to spend the day with them. 🙂

    The memories made with family yesterday.

    The baby kicking around in my belly. I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

    The pumpkin pie I ate for breakfast this morning (it’s a day-after-Thanksgiving tradition)

    The gorgeous, sunny weather, and the way the light hits the orange and yellow trees.

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