worry busters

Today I take another step forward in this journey toward a job that fills my heart… my calling. Awake in the early morning hours worrying, my mind is flooded with these nasty little phrases that I have learned to call out as limiting beliefs.
– There aren’t any jobs that fit my heart available.
– I’m not the right fit for those jobs.
– I’m not capable of those jobs.
– They don’t want me.
– What makes me think I can do this?
– I need more and better education.
– I’m not smart enough.

For most of my life I let thoughts like these control my actions. More accurately, these kinds of thoughts froze me from doing things outside my tiny comfort zone unless it was absolutely necessary.
Can you relate? Surely I’m not the only human on the planet with this problem!

Gratefully, I have learned valuable tools to combat these lies. One I find very useful is through journaling. Opening up my two-dollar composition notebook (I like picking one with a pretty cover),  I just start writing out those lies. This usually gets messy because I tend to get rather angry at these lies. It doesn’t really matter how messy it gets because I didn’t spend a fortune on the notebook and it’s not meant for anyone’s eyes besides mine.

Once I have the lies out of my head and on paper, I am able to think more clearly about the TRUTH. Then I start listing a truth for each lie.
-There are many jobs that fit my heart available. I simply need to explore and learn what they are.
-God has changed my heart and my life. He gave me these hearts desires, they fit me perfectly.
-Over the last few years I have grown and changed and done amazing things in my life. I am capable. Very capable.
-People actually do like me. They seem to want to talk to me, spend time with me and get to know me. I am wanted.
-God has drawn my heart to my calling. HE wants me to follow my heart. I can’t exactly argue with God.
-I have a good education and a degree. My life experience and change are HUGE assets to my education. There are many people out there with far more book learning who don’t have the heart. God has educated me. God has refined me and continues to do so. That’s more valuable than any class or degree.
-I AM smart enough. I can learn and do anything! 

Somehow, getting all this out of my head and onto paper helps. It’s similar to the way cleaning the stacks of papers and stuff off your desk or kitchen counter makes it easier to work productively. I actually think it works for many kinds of anxiety.

The next time you find yourself worrying, why not try getting it out of your head and onto paper? Just that step alone is helpful. Then try finding truths to combat the lies and list them too. If you do try it, let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear from you!

Grateful ❤️


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