gratitude walk

Gratitude in my life needs to be intentional which is why I try to make a list each day of things I enjoyed. This list is from the walk I took in my neighborhood yesterday afternoon. Enjoy!

For birds that are singing loud and beautiful. 

For the vibrant colors of fall.

For pumpkins on front porches carved into crazy faces.

I can hear the birds, thanks to my ears.

For the warm sunshine on my back. 

For billowy clouds bright white on top and shadowy dark underneath.

For giant old trees, arms wide with a welcoming hug.

For a dog running wildly free, tongue hanging out and happy, before he’s caught and imprisoned behind the fence. 

For boys on skateboards with smiles on their faces and greetings of hello as we pass on the street.

For sunshine in my eyes warming my cheeks and cold nose. 

For grandpa in his driveway, pipe in mouth while working on a project.

For grandma on her front porch enjoying outside and relaxing in the afternoon sun. 

For students walking home, sharing stories, laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

For girls pausing to meow at lazy kitties then waiting for an answer in return. 

For a little old man barely shuffling down the street holding his can of Arizona and a bag with more to spare.

For play structure and swing, empty, eagerly waiting to welcome playful children.

For yard debris bins full of fir tree clippings that smell like Christmas. 

For bricks masterfully mortared together making both wall and masterpiece.

For the pumpkin tree in the neighborhood – which is really a persimmon tree but I’d rather call it a pumpkin tree 😉

For my Creator who made it all.


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