what I learned by writing 31 days in a row 

1. When you first start something and you’re excited about it… It’s really easy.
2. Some people will not return eye contact no matter how friendly you are.
3. It’s fun to be friendly even if friendliness is it returned.
4. The way people treat me should not determine how I feel about myself.
5. Trying to draw didn’t kill me but it didn’t really fill me either.
6. Doing things to change and grow is exhausting.
7. Writing at 11 PM is difficult for me.
8. It is possible to take a 20 minute power nap at 10 PM and wake up to write a post before midnight.
9. God gives me just what I need at just the right time to keep me going.
10. I am pretty good at tackling big jobs and turning something gross into something beautiful.
11. I don’t follow outlines very strictly… or at all (probably the free-spirit in me).
12. It’s really difficult to start eating healthy in the middle of a busy stressful season of life.
13. I can find time to walk every day for 41 days straight.
14. I am brave enough at 48 years old to take a ballet class.
15. Ballet is really hard.
16. When the class title says “Ballet For Absolute Beginners,” there will be people in the class who are clearly not beginner’s.
17. Rest is not just a good idea, it’s imperative.
18. I can and will walk every day for at least a year (41 down 324 to go).
19. There are squirrels brave enough to run under your feet and trip you on the walking trail.
20. Sometimes you feel a really strong sense to do something and you just need to obey. It might never seem like any big thing came of that obedience but it doesn’t matter. Just obey.
21. When you’re overwhelmed and feeling negative, just do the next thing.
22. That my marriage is on the healing side of a battle to survive.
23. Sometimes old friendships are rekindled that just the right time.
24. I am an encourager.
25. I am closer to finding my purpose in life.
26. I love to minister to women who are hurting and I would love to impact their lives by helping them find the freedom I have found in my life.
27. I want my life to be service for God’s glory.
28. God has dreams for me and will help me when it’s hard to believe in those dreams.
29. I can write and post every day for thirty-one days in a row.
30. I love to write. I wish I could write all day long, every day.
31. I am smarter than I think I am.


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