the kid in the room

Every Wednesday afternoon is the same.  While I’m working away at vacuuming the pews and carpets, the parking lot starts to fill up. People file into the fellowship hall and visit for twenty to thirty minutes before class begins. Friendships forged long ago, these folks inquire about current situations in an effort to support and encourage each other. 

For a year, I watched. When my job was done for the day, I would sneak in to put my supplies away and  quickly drive away. As the year progressed, I began to wonder what it would be like to actually spend time with these people. In September when the group started up again after a summer break, I decided to adjust my work schedule and join the “Wednesday Bible Study.” 

At forty-eight, I’m among the youngest in the room. These beautiful people, who are mostly of my parents generation, call me “kid” and seem to like me. At least they haven’t kicked me out yet😉!

Both of my parents have passed from this world and I miss them! In the last few years I have felt an emptiness, a yearning for relationship with people that have had more life experience… for mentors. I am blessed and fortunate to have some of that every Wednesday afternoon. 

I am grateful.


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