the magic of facing fears

Halloween isn’t my thing. The very idea of costumes creates anxiety of not being good enough in me and so I have tried to avoid any event that meant I had to come up with one.

Avoidance… Am I the only one who does this??? I’m pretty sure this is a common thread among many. It’s so much easier to avoid than to face whatever fear diving in will stir up. Often it takes a big thing to motivate me to face my fears.

In the costume department, the big thing for me was a little boy. A beautiful, loved little boy whose first birthday was yesterday. He has an amazing daddy and mommy who love him to pieces and decided to celebrate him in a big way by having a Disney costume party.

My friend (and Birthday Boy’s grandma) had the idea of putting together a group and going as the three good fairies from Sleeping Beauty. It was a great idea, but I will admit the fear of such a big endeavor almost drove me away. Gratefully, I turned to Google, the information machine, instead.

Whether or not you can recall the complicated gowns, hats and capes of these fairy godmothers,  just trust me when I say, they are complicated. And although I can sew a stitch (barely), I would not count on something I sew to actually fit properly. Plus, I do not own a sewing machine. I needed something simple… Something requiring a glue gun and cutting of fabric would be reasonable. Google did not let me down. I found a picture of what someone else came up with. Since I am good at copying, I went for it!


My husband helped me with the hat. It required math… Which I am capable of but hate, so thanks to him, the circles were circles and the cone was a cone. Trust me on this… I have tried to make hats in the past and wasn’t exactly successful! The other thing I have to share is that the silly thing cost me a dollar. Yeah. ONE dollar. Poster board from the Dollar Tree. Tulle, which I bought for the skirt, and left over paint from my recently painted front door!!! I just have to say, that makes me unbelievably happy!

The party was amazing! Everyone dressed up, the birthday boy was the cutest Pinocchio ever, and the three good fairy godmothers, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, even met up with Princess Aurora! 

 Facing fears is like magic.

Face them enough and they start to disappear.

“Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo. 
It’ll do magic believe it or not,


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