cookie blessing

Each year at this time a group of us do a cookie exchange. We all have college age kids and we want to bless them with goodies and notes of encouragement while they are working away at whatever they are doing in this stage of their lives. We also enjoy coming together and sharing what our kids are up to as well as praying for them together.

This year I had grandiose aspirations. Looking at Pinterest, I found a fun way to make one of my sons favorite treats “Halloweenie.”

There was a cute green Frankenstein Rice Krispy Treat that didn’t look too difficult…
Until the next day when I came to my senses and realized dipping things into melted chocolate and Terri do not mix well. Unless, of course, the melted chocolate covered deliciousness is going directly into my mouth. Then we get along together just fine. So, I settled on a cute and easy version instead. On my trip to the grocery store last week I made sure to purchase the ingredients which was easy since I have the recipe memorized (not to mention the fact that it’s three ingredients, how hard can that be?).

The plan was to make them Saturday afternoon but it didn’t quite work that way. So, Saturday night at 11:30 pm, three hours past my bedtime, I began making the candy corn shaped Rice Krispy Treats (RKT’s). Despite my sleep-deprived state, everything was going well… Until it was time to add food coloring. I started digging in the cupboard for that little box of colored vials that I use only once, maybe twice a year. Finally I found them on the top shelf. Upon opening the box, I realized there was no red. NO RED?? How am I gonna make orange without red???

I’m not. 

For about thirty seconds I entertained the idea of going to the store but plain old white rectangular RKT’s sound just fine at midnight so I stayed home. Within thirty minutes the treats were in the pan and cooling, ready to be cut and wrapped in the morning.

Sunday was busy. I pretty much hit the ground running, meeting a friend at Starbucks before church, lunch with the family after church and then a first birthday celebration and the cookie exchange at six. Somewhere in there I realized, I still needed to make the RKT’s look cute.

At 4:40pm with my car running on fumes, I still needed to get ribbon or something to make the treats look cuter and be at the exchange in one hour and twenty minutes.

Stopping at Walmart, not because I like to go there but because it is just off the freeway and they should have ribbon and I was almost out of gas. By some miracle they had ribbon and stickers and it didn’t take me twenty minutes to get through the checkout line. I had just under an hour to get there.

At the gas station, in the front seat of my car, I began decorating each package. This was not an easy task. But it was doable. I proudly congratulated myself for getting the ribbon on clearance and for remembering to throw scissors in my purse before leaving the house.
In the time it took the guy to fill my tank, I had one done.
I needed to pick up the pace!

 Eventually it got done. I was late. And it was okay.

Sometimes I make myself crazy trying to be someone I am not. The kitchen is not my favorite place. Cute treats or party favors or whatever are not my forte.

That is okay.

In February when we do this cookie exchange again, I will do my best to remember who I am.
I will make something simple. I think that is God-honoring.  To simply accept who I am and who I am not.

I am grateful.


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