my little friends

As the weather turns cooler, there’s been a quiet sadness in my heart about my little friends the hummingbirds.

I’ve known the seed eating birds that love the tree in my front yard would stay around all winter and that I would certainly see them as I continue to put seed in their feeder. As I watch them in this cooler weather, I see their feathers fluff up creating extra layers of warmth against the elements. But the hummingbirds… They are so tiny, so fragile that it doesn’t seem possible they would stay around for the winter, although my neighbor assures me they will.

This morning as I write from under the warmth of blankets in bed, watching out the window at the cloudy gray skies and trees blowing in the wind, I can see my hummingbird feeder alive with activity. Several different birds have been visiting, enjoying the homemade concoction simply made from sugar and water.

I make their food. It might be easier to buy the stuff from the store, but there’s something about that bright red liquid that feels wrong! Whatever additives and colorings they put in that food just makes me worry that it might hurt these precious friends of mine. (I feel like Snow White when I call them my friends. And yes, I talk to these beloved creatures. AND they talk to me. I like to think they are saying thank you every time they arrive at the feeder chirping).
I enjoy measuring the water and sugar, and then patiently waiting for it to boil killing out any impurities.
I enjoy washing the feeder out with the special sponge I purchased to make sure it would be good and clean.
I enjoy sitting on my deck and listening to their chirps of “hello” and “thank you” as they drink some nectar and sweep away back into the trees.

If they stay around for the winter (I am starting to think they might because I will continue to feed them) I’ll miss hearing their chatter and the buzz of their wings as they hover and fly away. I’ll also be grateful for discovering the spot in my bedroom where I can sit and watch under my warm blankets… All winter long.

I am so grateful for these amazing creatures!

Fun sidenote about the featured image: three hummingbirds were swarming around as I was taking the photo. One of them buzzed my ear (which definitely freaked me out a little!) SO FUN! 


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