closed for maintenance

The pungent aroma envelopes my senses as I step onto the trail for the first time in several days. The wood chips look fresh and new and they smell amazing – that cedar closet scent mixed with fallen leaves and rain is a refreshing change from the dusty hot of summer.

The cedar chips may smell good, but they also serve a purpose. For starters, The covering will soak up water from the abundant rain of the Pacific Northwest. Without it, this pathway would be a muddy mess. I am grateful that will not be the case. Second, the chips provide a cushiony break to the hard-working bodies of runners and walkers. I can imagine that runners might prefer a chipped trail over the hard asphalt and cement sidewalks that I have been walking on for the past few days.

Except for one thing…

Right now, the trail is too cushiony. I’m having to adjust my step working harder, and my back doesn’t like one bit.

Too much of a good thing can be bad. 

That’s a bit how I’m feeling about October. Packed with daily writing, dance lessons, art trying, marriage healing, program learning, relationship building and a job – which are all good, I am feeling overwhelmed. (Do I sound like a broken record?) The thing is, I have learned the value of taking a break, of taking care of myself in order to be better equipped to do life well.

Tomorrow, I am closed for maintenance. 

No phone, no errands, no people, no learning. Just me, my journal, a book and whatever else calls my heart. 

I am grateful.


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