working creatively in marriage 

My husband and I got up bright and early Saturday morning to get some errands taken care of before getting into the thick of projects around the house. We needed a few supplies from his favorite (and my least favorite) store, Home Depot. The deal is, he stops and buys me a Chai Latte to drink while we are in the store. When it’s gone, we get to leave. 

This plan works well for both of us. First of all, there’s a time limit (no, I don’t chug the tea down quickly to shorten the shopping time). He knows he can get the items he needs and maybe have a little time to drool over the tools. Second, I don’t complain because I’m enjoying my tea and holding to my end of the bargain. When he knows needs to spend more time in the store (because sometimes he has to do boring things like math calculations and looking for the best piece of wood in the entire stack) he simply goes by himself.

It works beautifully!

We are learning that marriage takes creativity. And humor. Being able to accept each other and laugh together over our idiosyncrasies and find ways to work together is saving our marriage. 

I am grateful. 


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