glimpse of the impossible

Every now and then God gives me a glimpse of who I am becoming.

I remember the first time it happened. The very clear picture came into my mind where I was friends with someone who at the time I would have described as an enemy. Sure enough, within a relatively short period of time, a friendship was forged.

Tonight as I sat in a room filled with broken people loving on and praying for each other, I was hit with another glimpse into the future. I saw myself, a confident woman, praying out loud.
Being heard.


I wanted to deny the possibility because truth be told, praying out loud scares me to death especially in a large group. But denial is no longer an option.

Instead, I allowed the idea to wash over me and really sink in. Inside I felt a conversation happening. You really do have plans for me, don’t you Father? “Yes, my daughter. They are plans for good, not harm. Keep searching.”

And so I choose to believe that God will continue to change me. One day I will confidently pray in that room and I will remember his mighty power at work within me accomplishing more that I could have ever imagined.

I am grateful.


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