creative rest

Today’s rest looked a lot like creativity. 

While enjoying the conversation and presence of good friendship, I made some cards today using the endless supplies of a very generous friend. It felt good to “get my creative on” and not get bogged down in thoughts that I’m not creative or able to do artsy stuff. 

I made this card 

 It’s super cute but to be honest, I totally copied it from my friend. I am really good at copying! 

 I also made this card which I am super proud to claim as my own! I even drew in the stems by hand! 

As we were doing our artsy projects, I couldn’t help but notice the differences in our artistic preferences and abilities. For me, stamping, cutting and gluing is a great way to quickly get my creative juices flowing. For one of the other ladies it’s really about making a beautiful piece of art. 

Both are good. 

How you do it isn’t important. The important thing is making sure that time for rest is given priority in your life. Rest by doing what you enjoy. 

It’s worth it. 

I’d love to hear from you… What is your favorite way to rest? Have you done anything crafty lately? 


One thought on “creative rest”

  1. Funny this is your topic today! I am wearing a crocheted scarf (made for Kaitlyn) which I just this very moment finished construction but haven’t yet cut from the skein of yarn. Crocheting is rest AND crafty for me! Oh ya…one of your stamped card still hangs in my sewing room!


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