You’ve been there, right? Yeah, me too. 

I’m smack dab in the middle of  “31 days of expanding my world,” and I am overwhelmed

With things to do.

With regrets.

With negativity.

I want to quit. 

Tonight I just want to curl up on the couch and read more of that book I haven’t had time to read in weeks. 

Instead, I am going out and doing something I’ve never done before, something I’ve wanted to do for about three years. 

This evening was my idea. It has been planned for a while. Schedule coordination with my son and his girlfriend took some time. I am prepared… But it is scary because it’s an unfamiliar realm and now I just want to stay home. I can give you plenty of excuses why I should stay. Said excuses sound an awful lot like things to do, regrets and negativity.

I think that’s called resistance. 
It takes courage to fight the resistance and do hard things. 

It takes courage to write about it, again, and risk boring you to tears with my “whining.” 

It takes courage to continue pressing in to explore and learn more about myself and figure out what I truly love and what to do with my life. 

It takes courage to find gratitude in all of it. 

I. Am. Courageous.

I. Am. Grateful. 


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