just obey

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I get carried away and, in my mind, I turn a little act of obedience into a big thing.

Yesterday for example… Speaking to and meeting with a woman at a retreat center was something I knew I was supposed to do even if I didn’t know why. Over the course of the day the whole idea built up into something big, as if this was going THE pivitol moment when God tells me exactly what I’m supposed to do with my life and how to go about doing it.


Again I am reminded, that’s not necessarily how God works. There are probably over a million possible reasons why God put it on my heart to obey. Perhaps it was as simple as the woman needed a change in the course of her afternoon. Maybe she needed a friendly smile or a reason to remember something that happened over thirty years ago. I may never know.

It’s kinda like two points on a line. Those points get all the glory because they define where the line will go, but the reality is, there are an infinite number of points along the way that are just as important – even if you can’t see them.

Ever so slowly I am learning…
All the moments are important.
All the obedience is important.
Obedience doesn’t equal understood payoff.
Always give your best.

I am grateful.


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