The idea of practicing Sabbath is something I’ve been mulling over lately. Now, when I think of Sabbath, The Little House on the Prairie (book series not the TV show) comes to mind. Poor little Laura had to sit there and be still all day! The thought of doing that as an adult makes my skin crawl!

Sabbath. I’m pretty sure when God said to rest, he didn’t mean be still and do nothing all day. If he had meant that, he would have created me to be able to actually do that. I think if God were to tell us in today’s language what Sabbath means, he would say, “STOP being busy! Drop the agenda for a day and do things that you enjoy!”

Today I did just that. 

Took a leisurely walk. Did some dancing. Had some good conversation. Colored in a coloring book. Enjoyed an incredible sunset. Even took a little nap. 

Grateful for rest.


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