butterflies and ballet shoes 

Butterflies churning, I walked through the glass double doors full of self-doubt. What if I look stupid. What if they don’t like me? What if I do it wrong? 

Having learned to dive into discomfort rather than retreat, I signed in and sat down next to a friendly face to wait. After a few minutes, some of the students began changing into their ballet slippers. Again, the self-doubt kicked in. HOW do they know it’s time to put on the slippers? Should I follow suit? What if I do it wrong? Eventually I pulled the slippers out of my bag and awkwardly placed them on my feet.

Before I knew it we were being asked to pull the bars into the center of the room. Yep. More self doubt mostly based around the worry, What if I do it wrong?

At some point during that first class I decided,
SCREW IT! I’m sick and tired of letting fear run my life!
I want to actually experience this, not worry about it!
That’s when the fun began. I tried everything… INCLUDING the running leaps – even if I did have to do it with my eyes closed.

Am I good at ballet? No.
Do I do it all correctly? Definitely not.
That’s okay… Prima ballerina is not my goal.
My goal is to do all the things I’ve always been afraid to do and to do them ALL THE WAY.

Watch out butterflies, I am ready to FLY!



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