before and after

Have you ever given a room a fresh coat of paint? If so, maybe you recognize that feeling of gratification and accomplishment in turning something old and dingy into a thing of beauty. That’s a feeling I was fortunate enough to experience it today.
For a year I’ve wanted to tackle this project at work but I never thought I could do it properly so it stayed gross. Since it’s October and I’m focused on trying new things I decided to dive in. I researched, which actually means I talked to the guy who knows about paint and I talked to the guy who owns the sander. I learned all about what products to use and how to prepare the surface before painting. Then I gathered all the materials, and I went to work.

Donning a face mask and power tool (a sander), I went to work to get rid of all the nasty rust which was eating away at the metal. Then I went to work priming with the scariest of all paint (cue the suspenseful music), oil based! After twenty-four hours it was ready for the “real” paint and this morning was able to do the finishing coat. Immediately I knew it was going to look great. Honestly, anything I did would have been an improvement but it was still important to me that it look good.

Take a look:

 Isn’t it beautiful!?   All I can say is, GUYS, you’re welcome.

I’m grateful for the joy in transforming the tired, worn and ugly into the beautiful.

I’m grateful it works with people and relationships too 🙂


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