not perfect 

Walter Mitty. Except for the imaginary part, that’s sorta what I envisioned when I decided to do this 31 days of writing challenge thing. 

Turns out I have a job and other responsibilities that take up lots of my time, not to mention limited resources. I simply don’t get to go do all the brave new things I might want to do.

Plus, I’m exhausted.

Today I realized a couple things. One, I’m brave every single time I share my words, my heart, with you on this blog. Two, I learn new things all the time. Perhaps every day.

Today’s brave?

Today’s brave is not writing about anything new.

Today’s brave is risking not living up to the “writing challenge” and disappointing someone.

Today’s brave is being not perfect.

Grateful for today. Grateful for grace. Grateful for a new day tomorrow.


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