spreading sunshine

Twelve days in a row. 

It doesn’t seem like it but that’s how many times I have walked the nearby fitness trail since I decided to do it. 

So far, so good. The weather has cooperated beautifully and when the threat of rain seemed imminent, I walked anyway. Miraculously, I have been able to carve out thirty minutes each day to get the job done. And most unbelievable of all, no madmen or zombies have chased me down the trail. It feels good to make a decision for my emotional and physical health, then stick with it. 

One thing that has become painfully evident as I walk and do my best to be friendly to my fellow trail-walkers, is the lack of eye contact and interaction between people as they travel the two mile journey on foot.

It is in my nature to smile and be friendly to each person or group as we pass each other but it becomes difficult to spread that “sunshine” when they are looking intensely at the ground ahead, are deep in conversation with a walking partner or wearing earbuds in order to shut out the world.

Tomorrow I am going to step out of my comfort zone and be different. Each passerby will get a greeting from me, the crazy curly-haired woman. 

Happy Saturday!

That’s it. Just a simple greeting. They may not hear me. They may not understand my language. They may not acknowledge my presence. They may think I’ve lost my mind. 

Or… Perhaps it will brighten their day. 
Grateful for brave.


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