The parking lot had fewer cars than usual. Apparently Saturday afternoon is not as popular a time to walk as after work on weekdays. Admittedly, I felt relief.  Fewer cars meant fewer people on the trail that I would have to risk greeting. 

I barely stepped onto the cushy wood chips when I saw him, my first target for spreading sunshine. I spoke out using as much confidence as I could muster with my preplanned salutation.

Happy Saturday!

To my surprise, he happily returned the message, “Same to you!” The joy in my heart overflowed as I smiled wide and tried to suppress a giggle. This was going to be fun!

It was fun. 

AND it wasn’t. 

The thing is, I could feel the negativity rise up in myself every time my “sunshine” was ignored. And then the next person didn’t get as much sunshine from my heart. Other people’s reactions determined how I felt about myself which affected how willing I was to give the next person a truly heartfelt greeting.

What if I didn’t let all the negative responses determine my state of mind.

What if the way others treat me didn’t change the way I feel about myself? 

It hit me… 

If someone… Anyone… doesn’t treat me kindly, that doesn’t need to determine my happiness. If my husband or my kids, a friend or a stranger doesn’t treat me well… my value does not change. 

I am priceless in the eyes of my Creator. 

YOU are priceless in the eyes of YOUR Creator. 

This fact I will remember as I walk the trail tomorrow. I will strive to give everyone the same bubbling over, from the heart greeting, no matter what responses are given.

Happy Sunday! 

Grateful to be  SO loved.


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