on empty

It’s a potato chip inside my sandwich kind of day. The kind of day when I pack a lunch to take on a hike and wonder, “Why did I use this healthy bread rather than some squishy wonderful white bread? The kind of day when I am running on empty and just need to take care of myself. Do you know the kind of day I’m talking about? I imagine you do. 

Might I suggest, when your fuel tank is getting low, just go ahead and do the things you enjoy for a day. Take the time to take care of you. I know it goes against that “little engine that could” mentality but hey, without fuel, the little engine couldn’t have. So, go ahead and do something or things that you like. Read a good book, go to a movie, eat buttered popcorn, sit in the sun, have some chocolate, build something, paint a picture, take a nap, sing a song, take a drive with the windows down, dance a dance, pack a picnic lunch… And don’t forget the potato chips!


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