one girl’s impact on my life

Just over two years ago I wrote my very first “gratefulness” post. Someone suggested I start a blog and because to me, gratitude was a foreign language that I desperately needed to learn, writing about it came naturally. This link was my very first post.

Today I am reminiscing and rejoicing.

For starters, I am grateful for my personal growth. In these two years since that first Facebook page post, I have learned the art of gratitude for my life. I’m not perfect at it by ANY means but I do think I know how to find my way out of negativity through gratefulness.

I am also grateful for the courage I have developed through writing and sharing my heart. What started as a hidden Facebook page is now an official WordPress “blog” that I share both on the original “I choose gratefulness” page and on my personal Facebook page. (Eventually I plan to find the courage to learn how to get my very own website!)

Lastly, I am rejoicing! If you happened to read that first post (refer to the above link), you know a little about the young woman (and her family) who unknowingly helped me find my way to a grateful heart. YESTERDAY she woke from the lifesaving surgery she has desperately needed. Roma received the kidney-liver transplant that she has been faithfully and expectantly awaiting for a very long time.  My understanding is that the first words out of this girl’s mouth after the breathing tube was removed were, “See mom, I told you everything would be fine!”
OH! For that kind of faith!

One more step out of my comfort zone, as I solicit your listening ear. Consider being an organ donor. In Oregon you designate yourself as a donor on your driver’s license. Also,  and most importantly, make sure you inform your family of your wishes. There’s something about the idea of being able save someone else’s life or even just help them have a better life here on earth, that sends my heart into my throat.

If you’re interested in more of her story, here’s a link to a heart wrenching and heartwarming Facebook page written mostly by Roma’s (equally amazing) mother.

Finally, if your heart is drawn to financially help this family, you will find the recently formed go-fund-me account here.
I am grateful.


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