listen up

I’ve been hearing it say the same thing over and over for a while now… The quiet, bold voice that speaks to my heart. The voice that challenges me to the inner core of my soul. The voice that only ever used to say, “Write her a note,” but I never listened. The voice that, when I listen, changes my life.

When I first heard the words, “Take a dance class,” I ignored them and it stopped.

Until about a month ago.

This time, the voice was stronger than ever and my heart really wanted to listen so I just played around with the idea in my head for a while.

Me in a dance class in all my awkwardness.
Me the forty-eight year old who knows nothing except that she loves to move to music.
Me towering over a bunch of little girls in leotards.
Me??? Nah, I can’t afford it anyway.

For a couple of weeks that’s all I did–resist. But still the voice saying , “take a dance class,” continued and I finally took the next step.
A Google search.
A few things I expected to see came up and then one that was a little different caught my attention. Actually, it drew me in and I knew I had found THE place. Time was of no consequence while I explored. I read every class description and clicked every single tab on the website so as not to miss a thing. Finally, the last tab. Contact us. Contact them is exactly what I did. I sent a message believing with every fiber of my being that they would never get back to the crazy woman who spilled all of her insecurities about taking a class in an email.

And then Monday came.

My phone rang but it was an unfamiliar number so I let it go to a message. When I listened it was gentle voiced Caitlyn saying, “You’re not alone and you are so very courageous to follow your heart.”

Today I signed up for the adult class, Ballet for Absolute Beginners, level 1. Walking out the door of the dance studio, I burst into tears!

Me. In a ballet class?

Yep. Me.

This was actually happening so I went ahead and bought my ballet shoes at a store where little girls were trying on tap shoes having the time of their lives clicking away on the wood floor. As I watched, I imagined myself learning this new thing… Learning, growing and changing into another version of me.

Terri, the dancer.

I am grateful.


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