we heal

When we had to mutilate the beautiful tree in our front yard or run the risk of losing it completely (and possibly take part of our house with it) I was afraid the birds would never forgive me. Today, just a week and a half later, the birds are back.
I’ve counted over twenty!

Not great pictures but they are at the feeder, in the tree, in the grass and on the fence and having a great time in my yard! ❤️

I’m reminded that relationships can heal. Sometimes the offenses against us are great, and it takes a very long time to build that trust again, but it is possible.

For my birds all I did was fill the feeder with fresh seed and wait. With human relationships it takes a lot more work. Change of actions and attitude. Genuine repentance and apology. Forgiveness. Time.
Stuff like that.

But it can happen.

I know it can because it is also happening in my life, in the most important human relationship of my life. Marriage.

I am grateful.


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