learning through relationship

Last night I had the honor of hearing a beautiful story. It was an exciting story of personal growth, full of discovery, understanding, and hope. For a while now this young person, who is precious to my heart, has been wrestling with making changes in his life and recently, as he begins his sophomore year in college, a few light bulbs have turned on. He even has a motto (I actually think it’s more like a battle cry) that I really, really like.

“Leave Bondage

Learn Living


HOW is this young man so wise??? It took me 45 years before I started learning this stuff.

As my mind mulls over all of this, I realize how much I am learning from him. He has reminded me to be in the moment. Do one thing at a time making sure to use all my senses in those moments.

As I write, what do I see? Not just the letters on the screen as I type one fingered into my phone. The sun fills the room and my dog is basking in the sunlight on the floor next to me. The sky is pale blue with scattered billowy clouds suspended on high.
What do I hear? Birds chirping, perhaps enjoying a little bath in my pond outside. A dog barking intermittently, probably upset that his owners left him home alone in the yard. Soft notes echoing from the wind chimes on my deck. A breeze blowing through the window causing my curtains to flow into the room. What do I smell? Stinky dog that could use a bath. Fresh air, clean from the weekend rains. The soft, spicy citrus melting in the lamp on the table.
What do I taste? Remnants of that last sip of chai tea still lingering on my tongue.
What do I feel? A breeze of cool blowing gently across my legs and face. Cold toes that would rather be a little chilled than imprisoned by socks or slippers. A cozy warm bathrobe wrapped around me. The comfy couch beneath me. It doesn’t take long to simply go through this short checklist and yet I often forget. I am grateful for the reminder.

Learning, growing and changing is a lifelong process and in relationship, we help each other along. I am so very grateful for the privilege of walking alongside and watching my son grow. ❤️


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