good gifts

“Mom, I think you’re gonna want to come down here!”

Those are the words I heard echoing up the  stairwell when my son went down to do his laundry last night.

“There’s a leak or something.”

My first though was that the condensation pump connected to the furnace had overflowed. No big deal. Perhaps someone unplugged it.

Then I saw it. A gigantic orange paint bubble.

My heart sank.

My initial response on the inside was panic, frustration and anger.

NOOOOOOO!!!! It has been an ongoing struggle to make my laundry room a place where I actually enjoy doing laundry and it hasn’t yet been a year since we finished all the drywall repair from having our house repiped last summer.

Suddenly, as if a magical fairy waved her wand over me casting a spell of calm, I ceased panic mode and began thinking about how to take care of the problem.  (I’m not even kidding that it was like magic! Peace in stressful situations has never been something I could find)

Of course! The kitchen sink. Last week before he left on a business trip I alerted my husband to the leaky faucet. He did a makeshift fix (an ingenious one at that!) to get me through the weekend until he would be home to fix it. Neither of us dreamed the problem could be bigger than a simple washer considering our faucet is barely a year old.

Somehow, rather than frenzy, I went through a series of steps which I figured were necessary to prevent any further water damage.

  • Remove the contents from under the sink
  • Shut water to the faucet off
  • Text husband, asking him to call
  • Grab a stack of towels
  • Take pictures of the damage
  • Pop the paint bubbles (that was actually kinda fun)
  • Sop up the water under the sink
  • Dry up any other water I could see
  • Answer the phone when my husband called and NOT start yelling or blaming him for something he had no control over
  • Set up fans to dry out the mess

Throughout all of this, my youngest son was incredibly helpful, assisting me in whatever way I asked. THE most helpful thing he did was what he said while I was tearing away the saturated bubbles of painted drywall ‘skin.’

“Hey look!  It’s a heart.”

Those words were a soothing balm to my worried heart and mind.


HE loves me! Even in this frustrating mess… God loves me and has given me this very tangible gift as a reminder of that day on the beach in Spain when His love for me finally became real.

And this morning… A gift out of my “joy jar.”

Am I happy that we have water damage that will require time and money to fix? Am I happy that my beautiful laundry room wall is destroyed and it will be another fat mess to fix it? No. I’m not happy.

But I think I am content.

Throughout all of this there have been gifts. Perhaps more than I am able to recognize.  The first, was that “magic wand of calm” that came over me in a stressful situation. There’s a first time for everything!

I am grateful.


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