missed appointments 

This morning my phone rang at ten minutes after seven. Looking at the words across my phone screen,  I groggily answered, thinking it must be  the dentist office calling to check on my youngest son who had his wisdom teeth taken out yesterday. The woman speaking in my ear warned me of a bridge closure and hoped I would still be at my appointment.


Gratefully, my family has been able to benefit from a sedation dentistry training this weekend through which we have gotten free (yes, FREE!) dental procedures done while the dentists practice on real patients. Being a long time patient/participant at the dental school I have no problem being a “guniea pig” for students (it’s about half the cost to get dental work done there and not having dental insurance, that savings is wonderful) .

Apparently I was scheduled for a cleaning at 7:30 this morning which I had NO idea about. I’m a little frustrated at myself about it because it had to be cancelled since I drank  some water An hour earlier.

I missed the appointment.
I let people down.
There’s a doctor out there trying to get enough clinical practice in over the weekend to get certified (or whatever) for sedation dentistry in their business and I missed my appointment.

Guess what… I’m not perfect. The weekend has been filled with appointments and plans, arranging drivers, making sure someone is with us for six hours afterward, ice bags on swollen cheeks… And my teeth aren’t getting cleaned today.

That’s okay.

Life gets busy and some days I am not my ideal person. I get grouchy and defensive. I get busy and self-centered. I am forgetful. I become  ungrateful. Thankfully, I have learned how to give myself GRACE and how to move out of those not so lovely places without spending too much time in them.

The appointment to truly LIVE life… That’s an appointment I DO NOT want to miss. So, instead of worrying about the fact that I missed my appointment and I won’t get my teeth cleaned for free and that I might get kicked off of the list for the next sedation dentistry clinic, etc…

I will enjoy this day. 

I will appreciate the thousands of dollars we DID save on dentistry this weekend. I will listen to and watch the birds. I will take a walk. I will enjoy my family. I will continue to read the book that currently has me engrossed. I will go to church and listen, learn, sing worship songs to God and love on my friends.

I will live in and love the day that the LORD has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.

It is a choice.

I am grateful.


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