NOT pinterest perfect

Two weeks ago it seemed like such a great idea…

Fireworks. There’s something about the bright exploding sparkles in the sky and the booming sound reverberating through the air that crowds gather in masses to experience.  It is incredible.  Although I love watching them, I really hate the crowds and so I try to avoid going.
In an effort to spend time together as a family, and knowing that my kids LOVE the Fourth of July, a couple weeks ago I suggested we organize a gathering.
Now, when I say “organize a gathering” what that really means is to try and find some people who haven’t already made plans for the Fourth and might want to spend an afternoon and evening with my crazy family. To make matters more complicated… I really don’t like planning things like this.  I want to like planning this stuff, and I want to be good at it, I want to be that girl who starts planning early, thinks of everything and knows exactly what to do, where to go and who to invite… but the fact is, I’m not there.
Maybe someday.
And… maybe not.

Maybe eating my husband’s BBQ’d chicken around my own kitchen table with my little family including my son’s delightful girlfriend is enough.  Maybe my chipped stoneware and unmatched cutlery is enough. Maybe piling into the truck at 8:17pm, driving to a nearby small community and parking on the side of the highway across from the field where the fireworks were to be set off is enough.  Maybe snacking on licorice (red vines of course), beef jerky, Gardetto’s and Otter Pops (because those were the requests) is enough.  Maybe passing the time playing Catch Phrase with our outdated and taped together unit and an uneven number of players is enough.

Probably I will never be a “Pinterest Party Planner.”  Probably I will always wait until the last minute to start thinking about how to spend a holiday or occasion. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad but I think that is who I am and that is enough.

Two weeks ago it seemed like a great idea to try and plan a “party” but as the days passed, I began to dread the upcoming holiday for fear of not being enough.  As it turned out… the simple way we celebrated Independence Day was MORE than enough.

I am grateful.



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