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This morning I woke with that all too familiar regret over the previous day’s post.  Honestly! Why do I take life so seriously? Why do I worry so much about what other people think?  Why do I over-spiritualize things?  And… WHY ON EARTH would I post any of my thoughts and insecurities on the internet? While i am busy worrying, I might as well continue my thoughts from yesterday.

The truth is, I don’t actually believe God is going to shine his mighty spotlight down upon me and in his booming voice proclaim (in KJV, of course), “I hereby announceth that plan with which you are to go forth and doeth with thy life.” The truth is, God could flat out tell me exactly what to do, but I don’t actually think he will.  This leads me to ask,”What will he do?”

How does one go about figuring out what to do with their life? You see, I don’t just want any old job. I want to do something I love.  I want to do something that speaks life into, and blesses others in some way.

At the moment, I believe the job I have fulfills both of these desires.
– I love working alone and having time to think/process through the things going on in my life without any pressure from my job.
– I love the feeling of making a place clean and beautiful for others to use and enjoy.
– I love how as I’m working people come to mind, and my heart cries out to God on their behalf.
– I love the people I work with and enjoy having reasons to stop by the office throughout the day to say hello.
-I know that what I do is a blessing to at least one person, probably more.
Right now my job fits the requirements of what I’d like my work to look like.

I will rest in that knowledge.

This isn’t my forever job.  Are any jobs really forever anyway?  Ideally people grow and change throughout their lives and their jobs evolve along with that growth.  Staying in one place for too long might be a sign of being stuck in a rut.  Not necessarily, but maybe.

Since I have admitted that God probably isn’t going to blatantly enlighten me as to his plan for my life, just how will I know the way to go?  I think there are a few ways.

I DO know that God puts undeniable desires in my heart.  Sometimes those desires are fun, sometimes they are scary and sometimes they make absolutely no sense, but when it happens I know it’s what I’m supposed to do. I definitely have responsibility in all of this!

It is my responsibility to
1. Continue to develop and learn to trust my intuition.  Listen to my heart. That voice is probably God speaking.

2. Continue to live a life of wonder. Be curious. Learn about stuff rather than being indifferent.  I’m a really, really good at getting a burst of desire to learn about something and then after barely getting started, I quit.  I suppose that is human nature. DEFY HUMAN NATURE! Do the thing that is harder to do, and watch how the world opens up into something even more interesting.

3. Try new things.  When was the last time I did something I have never done before? It has been too long.  Trying it doesn’t lock me into ever doing it again.  I don’t HAVE TO like it.  The point is to TRY it so that a decision can be made.  The answer is either, yes that was fun and I can’t wait to do it again, that was okay and I’m open to doing it again someday or no, that was not fun for me and a repeat is not likely to happen–BUT it was a worthwhile experience because now I KNOW.
It is okay to not like something even if others really, really like it.
It’s okay to have and opinion.

I believe that God cares.  I believe he is always with me.  And I believe he wants me to do what I love because that place is where I will do my best work and glorify him while I’m at it.

What do YOU think?  What are some of the ways God speaks to you in your life?  Post them in the comments below – I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of processing my thoughts through this blog.  Thank you for hearing my words. I am truly grateful. 


One thought on “what to do”

  1. God speaks to me by letting me know His Presence is near…. when I see an unexpected bird or butterfly, for example. He shows me the parables in life that reflect deeper meanings: like when an elderly lady has a filthy kitchen because she has cataracts and is too weary, and I too have life crumbs and yucky habits and smudged messes all over my life too. He reminds me He cares about my life by prompting me to fix the stupid Quicken problem so I can (oops) find out that our unexpected car and house repairs will soon overdraw the account unless I move savings over to cover it. He draws me hungrily into a passage of scripture to find a providential treasure truth: He encamps around me and equips me… and this just before a very stressful week of crazy people interrupting my life. See with new eyes… He is everywhere. He is here.

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