be a kid again

Sometimes I take life too seriously…

Yesterday someone made a random comment to me about my job.  It was a perfectly harmless curiosity about when I would be ending my job as a custodian, except that in my mind I added the words “and move on to something important.” This morning I found myself thinking worrying about whether or not I have enough faith and hope and trust in God who promises that he has plans for me.  I also found myself worrying about whether I have missed whatever it is he has planned for me.

Perhaps I was too busy to listen to his voice the day he was trying to get through to me. Perhaps I’m not doing things the right way, the way a responsible adult does things. Perhaps I should be in school, like so many other people my age, taking classes to learn about whatever it is that I am going to do with my life.  In less than two years I will hit the half-century mark… SHOULDN’T I KNOW WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE BY NOW??

Faith… Hope… Trust…

Children do those things so beautifully!

Children, before “corrupted” by the worries of the world, play. Children are curious. They ask questions and wonder about the world around them. Through play and exploration they just know (faith, hope, trust) that they will “get where they want to go (or be or do or whatever).” They don’t care whether or not they are doing it right because they have faith and hope and trust that they are doing it right.

Children believe in themselves and their ability to do “whatever” and they are always doing it at the right time.

It is far easier for me to worry than to wonder.

It takes intentionally stopping myself and finding gratefulness in the situation, as I did today.

It takes intentionally doing something I love, like wildly dancing around the room while cleaning carpets, as I did today.

It takes filling my heart and mind with thoughts like, “I wonder what God has planned for me.  I wonder when he is going to reveal it to me. I wonder how he is going to use my life,” as I am trying to do today.

It takes intentionally believing that I am capable of whatever God sends my way, as I am trying to do today.

It takes intentionally remembering that God will continue to lead me, that he is always by my side, as I am trying to do today.

Somehow I just knew God was with me some forty-five years ago when the picture above was taken.  No one told me, but I was ready to go, ready to face the world wearing my wonderfully crazy clothing and accessories while riding my little red tricycle.

God is just as much here with me today as he was back then.  He still looks at me and beams with pride at his wonderful creation, even though doubts and fears sometimes settle in on my heart. When that happens, he gently reminds me to “be a kid again” and find my way back to the childlike faith, hope and trust.

This video of Kid President was my gentle reminder today.

I am grateful.


One thought on “be a kid again”

  1. Your comments made me think of myself as a little vine, worrying about producing fruit, good fruit, not bad fruit, satiating fruit, not moldy fruit, fruit that would bless the Father. Had to laugh about myself trying so hard to produce fruit and become my full potential, to arrive… and then realizing it’s about just resting in Him and letting His awesome Presence surround me, fill me and move through me to produce fruit. Good thoughts, Terri 🙂 Glad you are dancing and singing everywhere you feel Him there!


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