worth celebrating 

Several years ago I purchased some patriotic ‘sparkler’ lights on clearance at the bargain price of a dollar a box. For a variety of reasons, mostly because I simply did not have the energy to put them up, these lights have never been used. In fact I tossed them into a donation bag one day in an effort to declutter and live a simpler life but my love for twinkle lights won over and the boxes ended up back on the closet shelf. 

The Fourth of July… (#Merica, #freedom as my oldest would say, while the other is singing GOD BLESS AMERICA in the background) is just around the corner and since these days I have more energy to do the things I love, the lights have been unearthed and hung. 

This makes me unbelievably happy!

Independence Day. The day proud Americans celebrate the bravery of our forefathers to declare the colonies separate from Great Britain. The day they stood up and said, “ENOUGH! We are tired of you telling us what to do! We choose to live in freedom from the monarchy and we are willing to fight for that freedom!” Americans have so much to be grateful for and it all started with a few people who had the courage to step out against the norm and fight for what they believed in… to fight for their dreams.

I can’t help but think of the freedom I have found in my own life. 

Independence day for me was the day I found the courage to start being truly honest. Not that I was going around lying, I wasn’t. Actually, my life was lived very upright and “morally correct” but in order to do so, I had to live behind a series of masks. I wore masks like happy, and strong, independant and reliable, among others, but underneath it all I was angry and I didn’t know why. The day I started being truly honest with myself and stopped trying to be (and do and say) what everyone else said I should be (and do and say)… THAT was my personal independence day.

None of this was easy. Like our forefathers, I had to be brave. It took courage.

Courage to set boundaries.

Courage to disappoint people.

Courage to make lots of mistakes. 

Courage to turn my life upside down. 

Courage to discover my likes and dislikes.

Courage to say what needed to be said (kindly and directly) in spite of what anyone might think.

Courage to do whatever it would take in order to truly live life

We celebrate our nation’s independence with gatherings, barbecued food and fireworks. I will celebrate my personal independence by being my sparkly self, living fully and finding inexplicable joy in the process. 

I am grateful.


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