my challenge to you…

Today I am grateful for…

The ability to dance.

The freedom to dance whenever I would like.

The ability to run. 

The freedom to not run if I don’t want to. And I probably don’t 😉

The ability to walk.

The freedom to walk and explore many places.

The ability to hold a pen and write.

The freedom to write and express my heart.

The ability to taste.

The freedom to eat what I like and not what I don’t like.

How about you? What are you grateful for today? 

Reading the gratefulness lists of a sweet friend over the past couple of weeks has been inspiring. I would be honored to hear YOUR list as well. Post something (or things) you’re grateful for today in the comments below.

Thanks for being brave!


4 thoughts on “my challenge to you…”

  1. I am grateful for your blog and open nature. There is a lot of ebb & flow to the extreme right now at times and at times I feel like screaming tears BUT I know in time balance will come back. Until then, I live through people like you who are purposefully living a better life, daily. To practice growth. My gratefulness is your reminders. I love you.

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  2. I was grateful for my husband’s ability to start his work day on our deck looking over our field. I am grateful that my kids are finishing their finals and can relax a bit. I am thankful for fresh strawberries and blueberries which go from plant to my mouth within seconds. YUM. I am thankful for late birthday wishes and gifts which extend my celebration for weeks and weeks!

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