absolute truth

“I was created by a good God. Because a good God created me, I have inherent value. Not based upon what I do. Not based upon any performance, but simply because I exist, I am precious and valuable and worthy of being loved and cared for. Default. And because of all that, I will view and relate to myself in the same way He would treat me.”

A couple years ago I heard these words spoken in a summer series on self esteem at Imago Dei in Portland. They were such important words, that I transcribed them off of the podcast of that same series.

Until about three years ago, these ideas were completely foreign to me. Gratefully, today I can say that I believe them — not just in my head, but in my heart.

If this concept is foreign to you or if you know these words in your head but not your heart, I urge you to copy and paste them into an email and send it to yourself. Maybe print it out and post it somewhere that you will see it.

Then read it… Often.

Try to really let it sink in. This isn’t easy, but it will happen.

I’m. Living. Proof.

Why not give it a try 🙂



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