remembered dreams

This morning I woke up sad, frustrated and fearful – feelings that came straight from a dream. Since I seldom remember my dreams I try to pay attention to them. Why am I fearful? Why am I frustrated? Why am I sad? Questions without answers.

Instead of searching for the answers, I search for gratefulness.

This morning I am grateful for…

This fear I’m feeling. (Not sure why I’m grateful for this but I suppose I will figure it out eventually.)

Dreams that I remember, even when they aren’t good ones.

The familiar hum of the freeway/ocean outside my window.

My job.

Pastor Bill.

The first bird I heard chirping at 4:45am.

The cool room because the window is open.

Warm blankets.

Heart rocks.

My dog Mara’s snorting sounds. She’s really just so cute!


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