the art of giving up 

Over a month ago I bought a book titled, One Zentangle A Day, with the intent to laugh in the face of my artistic inabilities. I made it through day 4, page 31… And haven’t picked it up since. You could say I gave up. 

I keep telling myself I’m not artistic. 

The truth is, the world might look at things I draw and judge me “NOT ARTISTIC” but I am creative. 

The truth is, I haven’t had much practice at drawing or painting – I am a beginner. Beginners aren’t expected to be great at things, are they?

The truth is, art doesn’t come easy for me but I can learn. It’s okay if it takes me longer than expected.

The truth is, I may never be great at it but creativity leads to fuller, more wholehearted living and that is my goal. 

Today I’m picking up Zentangle again. Yes, I gave up. But just for a little while.

I think that’s the art of giving up. 

Only give up for a little while. Give yourself a break. Give yourself grace. Share your heart with others and TRY AGAIN! 


Day 1. My son said, “You made this?” He liked it. I think I like it too.

Day 2. I love those squiggly line thingys. 🙂

Day 3. My favorite so far!

Day 4. Learning about shading and trying to be okay with my mistakes.  

There’s my Zentangle journey so far…

Stay tuned (or follow my blog) for future art shows 😉


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