be yourself

The birds are so happy today! As I sit outside on my deck, reading and enjoying this glorious weather, there’s  a chorus of chirping in the background. They are calling back-and-forth to each other, communicating in that mysterious beautiful song.

I wonder what they are saying. Are they praising the creator, thinking him for a warm air, bright sunshine and the many seeds, bugs and worms to feast upon? Are they speaking to their young in their nests saying, “Be patient and quiet now… I’m coming soon with your meal.”? Are they warning each other of danger? Is there some predator lurking in the distance?
I have no idea.
What I do know is that they are doing exactly what God created them to do. They are honoring him because they are being birds. They are not trying to be dogs or lizards or people or anything else… Just birds. Beyond that, the sparrows are not trying to be crows, the crows are not trying to be chickadees, the chickadees are not trying to be robins, the robins are not trying to be hummingbirds. They’re just being themselves — each with their own call, each with their own song, each with their own colors,  each with their own type of nests… You get the idea. 

It is a good reminder.

I am grateful that God made me, me. He did not make me to try and be like anyone else. 
He made me to love going barefoot. 
He made me to love dancing and walking and hiking.
He made me with a desire to encourage and love the hearts of hurting people. 
He made me with love for growing flowers — NOT useful plants like tomatoes or beans or cucumbers… Just beautiful flowers that I can see, smell and enjoy in my yard. 
He made me to love music and has even given me a desire to actually learn to play it on the piano someday (even if that seems impossible at this stage in my life).
He made me with lots of silly quirks. I might dance back-and-forth as you talk to me. I might talk loud or laugh big when I’m with you. I probably won’t get your joke until least five minutes later (I’m still working on not pretending to really get it and do that that fake laugh thing).
You might catch me singing loud and off key in church or in the car or at work.

I am me.

I choose to be grateful for who I was created to be. 
I choose to stop trying to be anyone else but me.

I hope you do too.

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