my heart wanders. 

Not to point out the obvious, but I write a blog about gratefulness. Gratefulness is the place where, for me, life truly begins. By life I mean really living life. Unless I am grateful for ALL of my life – the good, the bad, the chaotic and the mediocre, I find it difficult to appreciate any of it. 
But lately…

My heart wanders.

Sometimes I eat food to fill a void in my heart. Sometimes I spend hours watching the show Parenthood which I recently discovered on Netflix. Today I found myself searching the web for information thinking it would somehow fill an emptiness inside me. 
And then I remembered this verse,

“He sends peace across your nation and satisfies your hunger with the finest wheat.”  Psalm 147:14

I believe this. The only way to truly satisfy the hunger, the emptiness inside my heart is God. 
My Heavenly Father. 

I have been making it a priority to spend time in the morning reading his Word and journaling. I’ve been told THIS is the way to grow and learn to know God. Please don’t misunderstand, I believe this is a great way to grow and learn. 
The thing is… He shows himself to me in different ways. For me, the real connections with God come in ways that look nothing like studying the Bible. 
It’s time for me to remember those different ways and do them

My God does supply peace for my wandering heart. My God does satisfy my hunger with the finest wheat.

I am grateful.


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