A dream come true…

I love the smell of banana bread baking and the taste of the raw batter.
It’s Mother’s Day and my “adopted” daughter is baking. She even let me lick the bowl! 🙂
There are so many things I love. The sound of birds chirping outside my window. The feeling of bracelets dangling on my arm. The visual peace as I look around the room free of clutter. The feeling of hope, joy and inspiration that bubbles up inside me when I think about and believe that any of my hopes and dreams could possibly come true.

It is a struggle for me to dream. I’ve subconsciously told myself NOT to dream because, “Dreams really DON’T come true.” “Why get your hopes up when all you’ll get is disappointment?”
It IS a struggle for me to change that thinking.

A while back I was encouraged to create my “dream place” or my “happy place.” The question, “Where is the one place you would go if you could go anywhere in the world, money being no object?” was asked.
Easy answer.
My dream destination is a sunny, tropical beach. I collected pictures and wrote details about this place so that when my day was particularly difficult I could open that album on my phone and escape to the place of my dreams… The place I was certain I would never get to experience.

And then something happened.
I actually got to go there.
To paradise.
I was given the gift of a room to stay in and then others helped me by offering airline miles and extra jobs to earn money for spending. It was a dream, a lifelong dream, come true.

There is value in dreaming.

I have decided, this Mother’s Day, to finally write that list of hopes and dreams. I will finally STOP editing my dreams and start writing them down. I will start collecting pictures and organizing those ideas so that the visual me can look at and be reminded of them regularly (feel free to hold me accountable).
I fully expect, come next Mother’s Day, some of those dreams will have come true. I plan to dream SO BIG that some of them won’t have come true in even ten Mother’s Days into the future.
That’s okay.
Some of those dreams won’t come true this side of heaven.

In the meantime…
I will hope.
I will dream.
I will live my life to the fullest.

I am grateful.


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