“beauty overflowing”

My heart is overflowing.

This weekend was the women’s retreat at my church. Eighteen months ago at the last retreat, I believed that God loved everyone else but me. I believed that He would never want to use my life, or any part of my story for any kind of good. I believed that he didn’t really want to let me into heaven but he was stuck with me because Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I believed that I was not worthy of anything good.

Today I stood before a large room full of women and shared some of the most private pieces of my life. A part of me believed that they would judge me or hate me or kick me to the curb. And yet, I knew I was doing the right thing.
I knew because today, unlike last retreat, I stood in that room BELIEVING in my heart that in the eyes of my Heavenly Father,
I am valuable.
I am loved.
I am wanted.
I am beautiful.
I am precious.
I am cherished.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

I am imperfect, AND I am enough.

I also knew that some women in that room probably felt the way I did at the last retreat.
Something amazing happened…

Women came to me and thanked me for sharing. They thanked me for being vulnerable. They seemed to appreciate my openness and started sharing some of their hearts with me. It was almost as if some of them couldn’t help but share their hearts.

I think this is where healing begins.
We become vulnerable.
We trust one person with the deepest darkest pain in our lives.
We accept each other unconditionally.
Little by little, we begin to believe that we are not bad for admitting these hurts.
Slowly, our hearts begin to heal.

And then one day, we realize that God is using all that pain for good.

My heart is overflowing.

The doodle above is a picture of just how much my heart overflows. The beautiful artist depicted how I feel on the inside before I even knew I would feel it. 
I am ever so grateful.

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