Still courageous…

A friend shared this quote with me today.

We started they day together working our muscles at a ridiculously early hour.  She listened as I shared my fear of not being enough for the plans God has for me (whatever they may be). She did her best to encourage me through groggy eyelids which are probably aching as much as every muscle in my body is aching. Her reminders of God’s presence in my life helped for a little while but as the day went on, I started believing all the negative stuff again.

This afternoon, I shared more of my heart with her because somehow TALKING about my fears takes the power away from them. This time, because she knows my heart well, she shared the quote with me. She didn’t try to make me better.  She simply listened and shared  words that encourage her on hard days.

And. It. Helped.
Even on the hard days.

Today I learned encouragement is just that simple. Maybe I already knew.  Maybe I even practice this encouragement sometimes.
But today it became real.



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