Breakfast With A Champion 

My brother and I went out to breakfast the other day. I’m in Hawaii with him and his family and it’s really wonderful… But it’s busy. We all want to see and do many of the wonderful things here on this glorious island, but my heart yearns simply for connection. That’s why it was so nice to just sit together and visit. 

He is four and a half years my senior, and I guess since boys don’t have much interest in Barbie dolls and little girls don’t care much about hunting and fishing, we were never really very close growing up. Only in the last few years have I finally loosened up and realized that this guy is really great and I need to get to know him better. 

Since both of our parents are deceased, technically he’s my only family… He is all I have left of my parents and grandparents. When I look at him, I see and hear my dad. His mannerisms. His words. And sometimes even his voice. I also see my grandpa. The caring, nurturing man who would do anything for his family. 

Like everyone, we had our ups and downs during our upbringing. We have both been through a lot, and we have both been responsible and work through our own ‘stuff’ in order to live healthier lives and change our family trees. As I watch him interact with his family, it is so nice to see the good qualities of these two men (dad and grandpa) shining through my brother.

As we sit across the table from each other, he with his Loco Moco and me with my Banana Pancakes… I am grateful for this time, for this connection. 
We talk about our families. 
We talk about life.
We enjoy each other’s company.
It feels right.


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