Learning To Follow

About two years ago a young friend told me about her experience Swing Dancing. It sounded like so much fun that I asked her if I could join the fun next time she went. Time passed, and we were never able to make our schedules work together so the idea found a nice safe place buried deep in my mind where I wouldn’t have to step out and do something scary. 
I love to dance but I don’t really know HOW to dance and I certainly don’t know how to dance with a partner or follow any kind of steps. I was perfectly content letting the idea stay in that safe place, until recently when I read a blog titled, Every Man Should Be Required To Learn Swing Dancing.
My first reaction was frustration. I hate the thought that I’ve been missing out on the fun all this time. I SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT BY NOW! Then there was the voice telling me You can’t go now… it’s too late, as if I would be “copying” or “unoriginal” or something ridiculous like that.
And now, after mulling it over for a couple of weeks I realize… I don’t want to FOLLOW. Maybe it’s because I’m a free-spirit, but I like to just move and dance around in my own way, making it up as I go along. If I go swing dancing, I will have to learn the steps. I will have to learn to follow the lead.
That is hard to do.
I’m starting to get better at following God. He waited around for an awfully long time before I finally stopped doing it all on my own and let Him start leading my life. I still screw it up all the time. I try doing things my way, forgetting to check in with Him. Sometimes I like to visualize handing Him the control. It could be the steering wheel or the remote control or the ropes… But I like to pretend I’m dancing with Him. I put one arm up on his shoulder and the other out and I imagine he is leading me around the room in a ballroom dance to some wonderful old song with amazing big band strings, trumpets and saxophones vibrating my soul. It might sound weird, but I can feel Him there dancing with me, leading me.
And I like it.
After reading that blog… I realized I need to learn to follow in another area of my life.
In my marriage.
Whether or not he’s been trying to lead our marriage for the past 25 years, I haven’t been a good follower. In fact I haven’t followed at all. This needs to change. In fact this IS changing.
He is learning to lead.
I am learning to follow.
And it is good.
Perhaps it’s time we BOTH go (together) and take those swing dance lessons…

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