I danced in the middle of a mall.


A few short years ago, I could barely dance alone in my own family room.
It’s true.
I was what I fondly call, “A stick in the mud,” and I’m not saying just exactly WHERE that stick was… but maybe you get the idea.

Back then I didn’t know it but I was full of fear and that fear came out in all sorts of not so nice ways.
Then I finally started FACING fears. Some of the things I did might not make a lot of sense in the fear-facing department, but in hindsight I can clearly see how little by little my life changed.

Here are a few of those things…

I started working out with a friend in the privacy (well, mostly private if you don’t include her teenage kids and husband…) of her home. She KNEW how to use the weights and the machine thingy. She patiently taught me and kindly (well, usually kindly) laughed at my blunders. It was an incredibly healing time for me as I learned to be seen and accepted for the awkward, sweaty, gross mess I was while working out.

I made a new friend. Nothing big, right? Well… THIS friend had dreadlocks AND tattoos. A scary combination for me, someone who was worried about what people would think of me and afraid of being judged for the people I hang out with. This has turned out to be a sweet friendship in which we have been able to spur each other on to growth and change in our lives.

I decided to take a class, a workshop, in which I would identify and tackle a limiting belief in my life. What’s the challenge here??, you might ask. Well… No one I already knew would be going along with me to hold my hand (because it’s scary going places and meeting new people). And all of THEM would be WAAAAYYYYY smarter than me.
(Perhaps you can identify the limiting belief I worked on from the last sentence).
Those women. The ones way smarter than me…
They have turned out to be friends. Really, really good friends. We were ALL nervous about the workshop. We were ALL feeling not good enough that first night. But guess what we learned from each other…
We are ALL HUMAN. We are ALL smart. We ALL struggle.
And… We challenge each other to do hard things. They were with me in the mall. Dancing. Supporting. Being friends. Having fun.

What did I learn?
I learned I am brave.
I learned that I just might be a leader.
I learned that most of the time I’m more worried about what people think than I need to be.
I learned that there are people in this world who have my back. People who will do just about anything for me.

I probably learned other things. Time will tell.

I am so very grateful.


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